Michael Hierer, Greven, NRW

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I don’t merely develop compositions as a blueprint, but also take care of the audio production.  Especially when it comes to visual media, I love creating crucial elements such as sound design, atmos, and voice overs.  Live recordings of classical concerts by microphones, as well as recording direct outs of a modern mixing console are possible anytime anywhere with mobile equipment.

  • Music production for movies
  • Sound design and atmo
  • Live recording and tracking of direct outs (up to 28 tracks synchronously, 20 of which including preamps)
  • Mobile recording, editing and mixing
  • Voice overs
  • Production of previously arranged material, such as a string quartet for a pop song
  • Some of my tools: RME interfaces, Neumann, Waves, Omnisphere 2, VSL, NI Komplete Ultimate, …
  • Detailed list of studio equipment
  • List of instruments


SOUNDBITES (please see also COMPOSER):


Title-Theme for a fictitious TV show in the style of latest HBO productions.  The elements derive from all possible areas: sound design, synthies, studio recordings, field recordings, creative use of FXs, …


Mood: TripHop (inspired by the sound of bands such as Portishead and Massive Attack):


Excerpt of a pop song, influenced by the singer-songwriter tradition, “Wenn wir alle” (“If we all”, Michael Hierer):


Recording and mixing: For Kleber Tertuliano and Marco Crivelli I have recorded and mixed 2 Songs for marimbaphone.  The instruments – facing each other – were recorded with an AB-combination of 2 XY-placements and supported by large diaphragm cardioids on the low end.  The mix features the mysterious, ambient character of the works.


Commissioned work: Trailer for a web-series based on “Das Alte ist vergangen” (“The old has passed”). The sound on tape has at first been oldened artificially, then used for an electro-swing variation, and at last presented in a sound that finds itself somewhere between latest EDM sounds and newscast:


Mood: SpaceNight (inspired amongst others by the live performances of Klaus Schulze):


Audio production for visual media: For a photo gallery by Michael Kestin about the Rieselfelder Münster I have developed a concept and produced the sound.


Live recording: For Hannes Weyland I have taken care of the live concert recording by direct outs of the FOH console.  The mixing was done by Mattäus Ciolek of Tonstudio Klangboden.


Recording and mixing: For Andreas Liebrecht I have amongs other works recorded and mixed his composition “Immortal echo”.  The piano has been recorded using rather classical microphone positions,  yet mixed with a modern sound underlining the character of the composition.