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07/18/2018 – Celler Schule


It finally happened.  A few days ago I finished the “Celler Schule” and may now oficially (but with humility and gratefulness) call myself “exCellent”.  Once each year, the Celler Schule educates 10 German speaking lyricists with a scholarship of the GEMA-Stiftung.  The 2 weeks in Springe (the Celle location had to be given up 10 years ago due to logistics matters) have been an enormos gift.  Not only have I learned a great deal and won new insights in myself, but also I have found myself within a group of alike minds, where everyone was unique, but at the same time equally appreciated and loved by each other.  I thank Edith Jeske, Tobias Reitz, Julia Hagemann and Rainer Bielfeldt for their exceptional teaching and especially for proving from the first day on what great and approachable human beings they are.  I will will without exception miss every single one of you and consider myself tremendously lucky that I was given the opportunity of being a part of this experience.

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