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04/17/2020 – Video clip of “Sparflamme” (“on the back burner”)


For the MDR’s #gemeinsamstarkchallenge (COVID-19 challenge for artists by a German radio station) I made a video clip of a song that I particularly wrote for that challenge with my good friend and colleague Turid Müller: “Sparflamme” (eng.: “on the back burner”). Cause it feels as if the world stood still. But it does in fact still revolve. In this video clip you can see some of my favorite instruments in action, e.g. the Taylor 214ce (acoustic guitar), the Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom (black e-guitar), and a marvelous mandolin which had already belonged to my great-grandfather. Moreover, the beats originate exclusively from my own place. The MIDI-controller plays samples e.g. of my refridgerator, my oven and crumbling eggshells; the Bicycle playing cards shake along the Roestbar coffee beans (Nicaragua, Fincas Mierisch, Yellow Pacamara, natural), which in the clip are being brewed in a Kalita Wave (grinder: Rhino Coffee Gear, kettle: Hario Buono). Check it out:

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